Founded in 1999, we've seen fads come and go. But smart design beats hype every time. Our team of designers and developers are experienced result-driven thinkers, dedicated to building intelligent solutions for a wide range of clients and organizations (including retail, financial, health care, entertainment, education and non-profits).

From your immediate goals to future aspirations, KOHARA builds solutions that deliver real results – on time, on budget and on target.



Over the years, the KOHARA team has had the pleasure of working with high-profile clients from various industries – each with their own unique set of challenges and goals. Using research, strategy, technology and expertise to inform our customized design solutions, we have launched new initiatives, rebranded established product lines and enabled deeper connections between businesses and consumers.



At KOHARA, our technology capabilities are what turn "big ideas" into workable ideas. From standards-compliant web scripting to building feature-rich online applications, we provide our clients with secure, reliable and fully-scalable technology solutions that support and sustain business and marketing objectives of any size.

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